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Long time no blog! I really should try and update this more often. A lot has happened since I last posted! I didn’t really realize it until I decided to update today. My last post was back in June. During that time I had been struggling to get back to doing UI design at the company I was working at. But due to huge company changes, I was stuck doing photoshop production work, which was not what I was hired for. I was very unhappy and felt no one was listening, so I looked elsewhere for work. Not long after looking, I got hired at A Thinking Ape in Vancouver! I’m very happy and proud to be working there. I’m now working at a studio that allows me to grow as an artist and designer giving me the opportunity to direct and design a vision for their products. I’ve been learning a lot and hope to continue doing great work there. 😀

Anyway, here’s a pencil drawing I did back in the summer. I started getting back into drawing with traditional media in the last year. I’m hoping to try getting back into painting and work on other areas of art I need practice with. It’s definitely been hard to with a full time job and I get demotivated easy because I lack the confidence. :’D But luckily, doing art makes me happy so it’s hard to stop. :3

I’ve started a webcomic as well! If you’re curious, have a look!



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