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1986 wip


I’ve been neglecting this blog and should make an effort to post here more! Here’s a WIP I haven’t posted anywhere else yet! :p Will probably post this on instagram later though.. but this blog gets it first! Now that I’m free of any extra work, I’m going back to some sketches and painting them. I’ve been doing a lot of photoshop sketching lately. It’s been my favorite thing to do lately. :)

2013 update

A quick wip of an illustration I started~! It’s actually just a practice piece, but hoping to continue working on it further. This is my first piece of art I’ve done since I got back from Japan! I guess I never mentioned that here, but yes, I went to Japan for about a month for work. It was my first time going anywhere out of this country on my own and was extremely exciting! I got to stay and work in a different country, see new things and eat amazing food! My favorite part. :p It’s opened my eyes to travel, so I hope to do that more soon.

I also plan on doing more art this year as I’ve gone through a lot of changes. I know some of you have been asking. I have a feeling that I will have a great year. :)