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2016 Recap

I never posted this last year! I kind of reached a point where I was posting up on social media everywhere, that I kind of neglected my own website. :p But better late than never. Since 2017 is almost up, I figure I should at least post what my 2016 year of art looked like.

2016 I went back to experimenting. I decided to try doing more cute artwork, like chibis… To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to achieve with my art. I’m still trying to figure out what I wanna focus on still. IT’s only recently that I’ve accepted the fact that I like trying out new styles, and coloring techniques. I just like creating. But trying to make it look cohesive is another task I need to focus on…

2015 recap & Happy New Year!


My 2015 recap! I probably should’ve posted this sooner but I didn’t really get a chance to! My week off has been busier than I thought it would be. I helped a friend get his website up, which by the way is up! He’s launching next week! Check it out! I have such talented friends! I’m so excited to see what he’s been doing the last year. :3

Also, you’ll notice my website layout is different and my portfolio is gone! I’m currently in the midst of revamping! Hoping to get my work up soon!

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Long time no blog! I really should try and update this more often. A lot has happened since I last posted! I didn’t really realize it until I decided to update today. My last post was back in June. During that time I had been struggling to get back to doing UI design at the company I was working at. But due to huge company changes, I was stuck doing photoshop production work, which was not what I was hired for. I was very unhappy and felt no one was listening, so I looked elsewhere for work. Not long after looking, I got hired at A Thinking Ape in Vancouver! I’m very happy and proud to be working there. I’m now working at a studio that allows me to grow as an artist and designer giving me the opportunity to direct and design a vision for their products. I’ve been learning a lot and hope to continue doing great work there. :D

Anyway, here’s a pencil drawing I did back in the summer. I started getting back into drawing with traditional media in the last year. I’m hoping to try getting back into painting and work on other areas of art I need practice with. It’s definitely been hard to with a full time job and I get demotivated easy because I lack the confidence. :’D But luckily, doing art makes me happy so it’s hard to stop. :3

I’ve started a webcomic as well! If you’re curious, have a look!



1986 wip


I’ve been neglecting this blog and should make an effort to post here more! Here’s a WIP I haven’t posted anywhere else yet! :p Will probably post this on instagram later though.. but this blog gets it first! Now that I’m free of any extra work, I’m going back to some sketches and painting them. I’ve been doing a lot of photoshop sketching lately. It’s been my favorite thing to do lately. :)

The Sea + Job

I did a quick doodle on my lunch break at work to try out the cintiq! Oh yeah, I got a new job! I now live in Vancouver working for a big mobile gaming company as a UI Artist. :3 For my work station, I was supplied with a brand new computer and a large Cintiq~! I’ve never used one before, so it was a bit of a learning curve the first day. I spent two days trying to get comfortable with having two screens (one being the Cintiq). I found the setup rather bothersome at first and longed for my intuos. But on the 3rd day, things got easier. Although, during this time I was using it to build assets and UI screens in illustrator—which I rarely even work with on a tablet. I had a few dabs here and there drawing with the Cintiq, but only for a few minutes as things are pretty hectic at work.

Today I took about a half hour to doodle up this image during my lunch break. The inking went pretty quick! I think I like it. Still not sure if I prefer it over my wacom yet because I haven’t really gotten the chance to jump right into painting or coloring. I did the line art and flats at work, then took it home to shade. The inking was a lot quicker with it though. I really liked that I could have right up to my face when I ink! Well, maybe that’s not so good for me? But for my opinion right now, I definitely could live without one.