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2016 Recap

I never posted this last year! I kind of reached a point where I was posting up on social media everywhere, that I kind of neglected my own website. :p But better late than never. Since 2017 is almost up, I figure I should at least post what my 2016 year of art looked like.

2016 I went back to experimenting. I decided to try doing more cute artwork, like chibis… To be honest, I wasn’t really sure what I wanted to achieve with my art. I’m still trying to figure out what I wanna focus on still. IT’s only recently that I’ve accepted the fact that I like trying out new styles, and coloring techniques. I just like creating. But trying to make it look cohesive is another task I need to focus on…

Christmas Holidays~!


These past few months I’ve been trying to draw a lot more. Males being a bit of focus. Here’s a portrait of my bf I  did for the holidays! I’m not that great at drawing men, but I’ve been making more effort making them my main subjects. This was a fun one to do though. I’ve always been really terrible at getting the likeness of a person when I’m drawing. But I think I did a decent job of this. My only critique was from the man himself, “I’m not fat enough”.  We’re our own worst critics, right? 8D

A couple others from the past couple months..!


The Sea Sprite

A quick doodle of a random creature. I haven’t been able to do a full illustration yet. I started one a few weeks ago, but wasn’t fully happy with the composition. I might go back to it or I might redo it. Or I could end up scrapping it altogether. :S I guess it will depend on how I feel.

I’m trying to draw as much as I can so I can keep improving, but it’s time is not on my side! I’d love to break my way into the gaming industry so I could draw as my job. :p I know I should be careful about what I wish for, but I really feel I can improve and hopefully learn from the best. Here’s to hoping I can develop a portfolio that’s worthy enough for me to become a concept artist of some sort. Hopefully for mobile/social games. :3