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The Sea + Job

I did a quick doodle on my lunch break at work to try out the cintiq! Oh yeah, I got a new job! I now live in Vancouver working for a big mobile gaming company as a UI Artist. :3 For my work station, I was supplied with a brand new computer and a large Cintiq~! I’ve never used one before, so it was a bit of a learning curve the first day. I spent two days trying to get comfortable with having two screens (one being the Cintiq). I found the setup rather bothersome at first and longed for my intuos. But on the 3rd day, things got easier. Although, during this time I was using it to build assets and UI screens in illustrator—which I rarely even work with on a tablet. I had a few dabs here and there drawing with the Cintiq, but only for a few minutes as things are pretty hectic at work.

Today I took about a half hour to doodle up this image during my lunch break. The inking went pretty quick! I think I like it. Still not sure if I prefer it over my wacom yet because I haven’t really gotten the chance to jump right into painting or coloring. I did the line art and flats at work, then took it home to shade. The inking was a lot quicker with it though. I really liked that I could have right up to my face when I ink! Well, maybe that’s not so good for me? But for my opinion right now, I definitely could live without one.