Samus Green Hair Edition

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Samus Green Hair Edition

Finally managed to get another illustration done… not really anything spectacular but it’s something! I had been struggling to finish a few older illustrations but I haven’t been that inspired with them. I’m not sure whether I should try with them anymore. :S I may do a half ass attempt of finishing just to get them done.

This was originally a random sketch that  I started colouring for practice. This is usually how a lot of my illustrations occur. I wish my planned illustrations would work out as smoothly as my unplanned ones. I think I just need to produce more. Anyway, I may have a slight obsession with Samus Aran. She made quite the impression on me as a kid and I’ve been a fan since. I love this form cause it’s different from her usual and she seems so extraterrestrial with her green hair.

I have one more illustration in mind that I really want to start working on. I know I promised I’d have prints soon, but i’ve been really procrastinating with it. :S I can’t decide whether to get some now or after my next piece. I’m thinking I should just get some now cause who knows how long the next illustration will take… :’D

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