Creating a PS brush of your watermark

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Creating a photoshop brush of your signature, logo, insignia… whatever you wanna call it. I’ve been asked this question a lot over the years, but haven’t really gotten around to explaining how to do it. It’s the easiest thing to do– Maybe that’s why I didn’t explain it earlier. :p But of course there are some just learning and would like to know, so here’s how to do it.

Being the lazy person I am, I try to find quick shortcuts. I wanted to create a watermark on my work, so the best way I found was to create a photoshop brush of my watermark. It’s easier than copy and pasting your watermark over, or typing everything out every time.

Step 1:
If you don’t already have a watermark symbol or text, open a new document and create one. Your symbol/text needs to be in black! If you use a lighter color, the brush will end up being transparent. Which is good sometimes, but it’s better to just leave it opaque, so you can adjust the opacity of the watermark in the layer palette.

making your brush

Step 2:
Once you’re done, use the marquee tool to select your image, just like in the screenshot. Once you’re selected the image, go to Edit >>Define Brush Preset. Click on image to see bigger size of screenshot.

Defining Your Brush

Step 3:
Once you’ve clicked on Definite Brush Preset, a popup will show up asking you to name your brush. Name it whatever you want or leave it with the default name. Then, your brush will show up in the brush library. Yay. :D

Defining Your Brush Your Brush

Step 4:
Now you can use your brush on your images, like the below. You can use any color too.. for the image blow I used white. You can change the effect of how the watermark can look. Like for the sample image I used here, I used the Overlay layer filter to get that glow effect. You can adjust the opacity in the layer palette as well~

Image Watermarked Layer Palette

Click on the drop down menu in the layer palette. On your screen it will probably say Normal. Once you click it, you’ll have an option of different effects, as seen below.

Layer Palette

And there you have it… Creating a brush of your watermark in photoshop. Now I can just link people to this page if I get asked this question again. 8D I’m sure other programs allow you to create custom brushes, so you can take this method and use it for whichever program you use.

If anyone has any suggestions for a tutorial or explaining anything I’ve done, let me know by commenting. :3

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I used to have one with a kitty, I don’t use that one anymore and this makes me want to make another one ;3


10 years ago

i needs a logo T_T


10 years ago

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