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The Sea + Job

I did a quick doodle on my lunch break at work to try out the cintiq! Oh yeah, I got a new job! I now live in Vancouver working for a big mobile gaming company as a UI Artist. :3 For my work station, I was supplied with a brand new computer and a large Cintiq~! I’ve never used one before, so it was a bit of a learning curve the first day. I spent two days trying to get comfortable with having two screens (one being the Cintiq). I found the setup rather bothersome at first and longed for my intuos. But on the 3rd day, things got easier. Although, during this time I was using it to build assets and UI screens in illustrator—which I rarely even work with on a tablet. I had a few dabs here and there drawing with the Cintiq, but only for a few minutes as things are pretty hectic at work.

Today I took about a half hour to doodle up this image during my lunch break. The inking went pretty quick! I think I like it. Still not sure if I prefer it over my wacom yet because I haven’t really gotten the chance to jump right into painting or coloring. I did the line art and flats at work, then took it home to shade. The inking was a lot quicker with it though. I really liked that I could have right up to my face when I ink! Well, maybe that’s not so good for me? But for my opinion right now, I definitely could live without one.


Snow White Pencil Drawing

I started a traditional drawing this weekend. I actually haven’t done a traditional piece in years! I’ve been so spoiled with digital media that I’ve neglected to work on actual paper. This was extremely fun and therapeutic. Lately, I’ve been slow and lethargic with  my digital paintings. I’m making progress with them, but not enjoying the time I’m spending in front of a computer. Not only are my eyes exhausted, but I also feel like I’ve gained 10 pounds sitting so long. I already spend 8 hours at work in front of a computer and then more when I get home. So this was an extremely nice break from the bright screens.

There was an old practically unused pad of 9×12″ watercolor paper sitting on top of my things. I decided to make use of it this weekend by going outside to draw. To my surprised, I really enjoyed it. I get discouraged when drawing on paper as I panic to find the undo when I  make a mistake. #digitalartistproblems  I discard my drawings quick and move onto the next corner of the page to doodle. But I made the extra effort not get upset if it didn’t meet my expectations. Actually, I didn’t give myself any expectations. Which is usually my problem. I expect too much out of myself! Whatever happens, happens.

I did a rough scratchy thumbnail of what I wanted to draw, then redrew it neater and larger on clean page. It started out really rough, but as I started to shade, it began to come together. I had initially used a regular 0.5mm mechanical pencil to do the whole drawing, but it grew more and more difficult to get the shades I wanted with one single shade of pigmentation from my pencil. The outcome of the picture got me really excited. So I dug around in my bedroom closet to find my drawing pencils as well as a brand new kneaded eraser in my stash of old art supplies. My shading technique isn’t the the cleanest or smoothest, but in due time, I believe I can get really good at this! I improvised with such tools as a tampon to blend. I know I have a blender somewhere, but this will do until I find it! Or buy a new one. :S

The Sea Sprite

A quick doodle of a random creature. I haven’t been able to do a full illustration yet. I started one a few weeks ago, but wasn’t fully happy with the composition. I might go back to it or I might redo it. Or I could end up scrapping it altogether. :S I guess it will depend on how I feel.

I’m trying to draw as much as I can so I can keep improving, but it’s time is not on my side! I’d love to break my way into the gaming industry so I could draw as my job. :p I know I should be careful about what I wish for, but I really feel I can improve and hopefully learn from the best. Here’s to hoping I can develop a portfolio that’s worthy enough for me to become a concept artist of some sort. Hopefully for mobile/social games. :3

Illustrator: How to use the pentool

Before I get into creating a full illustrator tutorial, I need to first make a basic guide on how to use the pentool. This is essential for creating a vector base illustration. Plus I tend to ink my vector illustrations using this tool, and if you don’t know how to use it, my tutorial will just go over your head. :’D Once you know how to use it, then you will be able to ink your own illustrations. :)

Remember to use layers to keep your objects in the right place. You don’t want want one of your illustration’s eyes, for example under the head where it can’t be seen. Command (Control for PC) + Shift “[” or “]” or Command (Control) [ or ] will be your best friend.

First off, you need something to trace. In my case, my fugly sketch of my reaper bunny. If you don’t have a sketch, grab any picture with an easy shape to trace.

Reaper Bunny sketch

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Creating a PS brush of your watermark

Creating a photoshop brush of your signature, logo, insignia… whatever you wanna call it. I’ve been asked this question a lot over the years, but haven’t really gotten around to explaining how to do it. It’s the easiest thing to do– Maybe that’s why I didn’t explain it earlier. :p But of course there are some just learning and would like to know, so here’s how to do it.

Being the lazy person I am, I try to find quick shortcuts. I wanted to create a watermark on my work, so the best way I found was to create a photoshop brush of my watermark. It’s easier than copy and pasting your watermark over, or typing everything out every time.

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