I’m Jenn! I am an illustrator and UI designer based in Vancouver BC.  I pursued my design career by heading toward the opposite end of the country to Halifax. From there, I earned my degree in Communication Design (Honours) at NSCAD. After school, I picked up some random design jobs, mainly in publication and print, but it didn’t satisfy my need to be creative. I fell into the game industry by chance when I decided I wanted to do more art than design. I luckily discovered working in gaming allowed me to do both design and art. I specialize in creating UI art direction and style but also do illustration and a bit of UX.

Because of my love for illustrating, my design work tends to be just as bold and bright as my illustrations. I like dynamic design, bright dramatic contrasting colors as well as simplicity and form. I not only do art and design for work, but it’s also a hobby I do everyday at home! I’m constantly looking for things to create.

I’m also a huge gamer from, console to PC. Some of my favorite games are Monster Hunter, Diablo 2, Overwatch, Horizon Zero Dawn, Zelda, Chrono Trigger, Stardew Valley… and too many more to name. 😀 I also love to cook, and recently learning how to sew!

I’m always open to work opportunities if it’s the right project! Contact me at mechbunnies(AT)gmail.com for inquiries or use my contact form! 😀