I’m from Vancouver B.C. and I currently work in the game industry as a UI/UX designer.  I pursued my design career by heading toward the opposite end of the country to Halifax. From there I earned my degree in Communication Design (Honours) at NSCAD. Aside from design, I also enjoy illustrating. I have been illustrating since I was really young, but didn’t really gain a love for it until I was in college where I started using it more in my work. I am self taught and I found that my illustrating skills became extremely handy in my design projects, which then helped me develop a personal style.

I fell into the game industry by chance when I decided I wanted to do more art than design. I luckily discovered working in gaming allowed me to do both design and art. I specialize in creating UI art direction and style but also do illustration and a bit of UX.

Since I do have a love for illustrating, my design work tends to be just as bold and bright as my illustrations. I like dynamic design, bright dramatic contrasting colors as well as simplicity and form.


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