Studio Ghibli Tributes

A couple of Studio Ghibli fanart tributes. Hayao Miyazaku is so inspiring. I had the pleasure of going to the the Studio Ghibli Museum in Japan recently. All these films are so inspiring. The artwork is gorgeous and the characters and stories are so memorable and fun to watch.

Mononoke Tribute – I’ve never done fanart for this amazing movie. I had recently watched it during this time since my boyfriend had never seen it. I was also very inspired seeing so much art during my first time at VanCAF. I immediately came home and began drawing… Also trying to integrate more backgrounds into my work!

Kiki & Jiji – I’m pretty sure this film is my favorite… I know it’s not really SG’s top or best film, but it really hits home for me. I relate to Kiki the most because of the struggles she went to. I really identified myself as her because I went through the same obstacles growing up. She really has a spot in my heart. I went with a really cute chibi approach for this piece. I really liked the scene when she went shopping. Thought this was a really cute scene. 🙂


  • Client : Personal
  • Date : 06/01/2015