NFL Matchups Redesign

When I worked at DeNA Vancouver, I was lead UI Designer on a game called NFL Matchups. My first round UI style for this project was a disaster. It was pulled into so many weird directions last minute because my PMs were referencing games from Japan, which is a completely different aesthetic than the official NFL branding guide. It was difficult to find a middle that everyone was happy with.

After the project had been running live for about 6 months, there were talks about a redesign. So without any PMs or game designers comments during my process, I came up with multiple concepts for the redesign using existing banners and images that were in the game as placeholders. This was one was the favorite as it was cleaner and matched the NFL brand more. Unfortunately, there was some miscommunication, so this redesign was never saw the light of day.


  • Client : DeNA Vancouver
  • Date : 06/10/2013