Snow White Pencil Drawing

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Snow White Pencil Drawing

I started a traditional drawing this weekend. I actually haven’t done a traditional piece in years! I’ve been so spoiled with digital media that I’ve neglected to work on actual paper. This was extremely fun and therapeutic. Lately, I’ve been slow and lethargic with  my digital paintings. I’m making progress with them, but not enjoying the time I’m spending in front of a computer. Not only are my eyes exhausted, but I also feel like I’ve gained 10 pounds sitting so long. I already spend 8 hours at work in front of a computer and then more when I get home. So this was an extremely nice break from the bright screens.

There was an old practically unused pad of 9×12″ watercolor paper sitting on top of my things. I decided to make use of it this weekend by going outside to draw. To my surprised, I really enjoyed it. I get discouraged when drawing on paper as I panic to find the undo when I  make a mistake. #digitalartistproblems  I discard my drawings quick and move onto the next corner of the page to doodle. But I made the extra effort not get upset if it didn’t meet my expectations. Actually, I didn’t give myself any expectations. Which is usually my problem. I expect too much out of myself! Whatever happens, happens.

I did a rough scratchy thumbnail of what I wanted to draw, then redrew it neater and larger on clean page. It started out really rough, but as I started to shade, it began to come together. I had initially used a regular 0.5mm mechanical pencil to do the whole drawing, but it grew more and more difficult to get the shades I wanted with one single shade of pigmentation from my pencil. The outcome of the picture got me really excited. So I dug around in my bedroom closet to find my drawing pencils as well as a brand new kneaded eraser in my stash of old art supplies. My shading technique isn’t the the cleanest or smoothest, but in due time, I believe I can get really good at this! I improvised with such tools as a tampon to blend. I know I have a blender somewhere, but this will do until I find it! Or buy a new one. :S

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