2013 update

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A quick wip of an illustration I started~! It’s actually just a practice piece, but hoping to continue working on it further. This is my first piece of art I’ve done since I got back from Japan! I guess I never mentioned that here, but yes, I went to Japan for about a month for work. It was my first time going anywhere out of this country on my own and was extremely exciting! I got to stay and work in a different country, see new things and eat amazing food! My favorite part. :p It’s opened my eyes to travel, so I hope to do that more soon.

I also plan on doing more art this year as I’ve gone through a lot of changes. I know some of you have been asking. I have a feeling that I will have a great year. :)

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Oh man, I’m so jealous you got to spend a month in Japan. I really miss the food there!


6 years ago
Aaron Goolsby

Oh! So we updated finally! That is ridiculously good for a practice piece, but of course you have a very unique style. I’m glad you had a nice trip too. I wish I could visit Japan sometime in the near future.

Anyways I hope to see some of your comics here, and hopefully some animation work *wink wink*!


6 years ago

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